Below is a list of links we've found useful over the years. In the future they won't be all plurality-related. But for now they are.

We love Amorpha because they explain things in a very understandable and "user friendly" fashion. Also we love their myths page because it is very well-written. Astraeasweb were the first group we ever found. They put a name to what we were experiencing and helped us out a lot in knowing that we were not alone. Here is the link to their Plurality Section Ex Uno Plures features some very well-thought out discussion, as well as lots of interesting topics to get people thinking. Flatlanders have a very new site, but it is promising to be an awesome one. Kasiya make beautiful graphics. Also they have a very informative FAQ along with information about their worlds and cultures that will make you feel like you are there. If you happen to have a Livejournal you can join Multiplicity. It is a very nice community. In fact, that is the first community we ever joined on Livejournal and still one of the ones we frequent most. They allow debate and discussion, or just anything you'd have to say on the topic. The Shire 's site is full of very well-written and well-planned essays as well as commentary on their past, their world, their views and much more. Hawini Tsiwoni have a very well-written site. They know what and who their group is and they share oppinions with us in quite a few areas. Not to mention they are very good writers. And finally there is The Layman's Guide to Multiplicity a very very well-written guide to the concept of multiplicity, written for the layperson. Everybody should read this at least once.

And now for some Non-plural links!

These are some of our favorite sites and why we like them so well. We spend a lot of time on some of these. Livejournal is our blog service. It is decently reliable and relatively bug-free. We also spend a lot of time on Neopets If you didn't know, this is a game in which you raise a virtual pet to maturity. Our online music site of choice is because it is personalized based on your musical tastes.

If you have links we should add to this list, email us at cartaala{@}