Who Are You People?

Hello there! Welcome to Cartaala. We're the Rhymers, and this is our multiplicity site. If you've been on the Internet a while, you might have heard of us. We're a rather large, mixed-origin gateway system with all sorts of people, both fictives and not. We used to think that trauma didn't shape our system in any way, but we have since realized that this just isn't true, and that we do have members, as well as coping strategies, that are a reaction to childhood trauma. This will be covered more in our FAQ and in the essays section of the site.

What's This Site For?

This is a website about the phenomenon of plurality, the state of being where one human body is shared by more than one mind.

Though we referred to plurality as a phenomenon, it is actually more like a category of related, but sometimes wildly differing experiences that overlap in one area, the cohabitation of the body by more than one individual, regardless of species.

No, we're not going to tell you what's real for you. Nobody can tell you that. You have to learn on your own. This website is about us, and our experiences. However, we hope that by reading it, you can learn some things that might help you out in your own system, or for those of you who are singlets (IE those with only one person sharing their mental real estate), we hope to educate you about our experiences and prove that we are no more harmful than you are.

Why Do You Do This

There are many sites about plurality on the Internet. However, every system's experiences are different, so we wanted to share ours too. After all, the more experiences you have to look at, the more perspective you can gain.

We really don't hope to gain anything by recreating this site, except perhaps to educate those who might find themselves in need of tips or knowledge that would help them, and to try to prove that we're not so different after all. All of this will be explained more in our frequently asked questions section and our glossary. Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable.