Unlike many multiples, we were raised in the occult in a very positive, even cheerful atmosphere. What are now called 'new age' subjects were standard dinner conversation in our home, and are part of some of our most beloved memories of our family. This was pretty unusual for the 1950s, but our family have never been quite conventional. I try to bring that ambience of openness and a bright, investigative spirit into my readings.

I have been reading tarot since I was twelve years old and professionally since my twenties. I use a standard Ryder-Waite or Universal Waite deck unless I am asked by a client to use a deck of their choosing.

My interpretations are a mixture of traditions from many sources and my own intuition, plus whatever the client tells me. The client always knows more than I do.

I have several different kinds of readings. They vary in complexity and amount of detail. I can read just as well via email or AIM chat as in person, in fact my steadiest client is a woman I haven't seen in four years.

Email me for my current rates:

One-card reading - can be a summary of what is happening in your life right now or a brief answer to a particular question.

Three-card reading - pretty much the same as the one-card but provides a bit more details as to past, present and future.

Four Visions - This can be useful when you have a specific question. It shows four ways of examining a particular thing (object, situation, person, etc.) -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Past-life reading - Indicates what your occupation may have been, what kind of temperament you had, what was important to you at the time, and what you learned from it.

Celtic Cross Spread - Detailed reading that can cover a specific question or just give you some idea of where things are at generally for your life. Past, present and (possible) future, you and your loved ones in relation to your question.

All of these readings can be discussed in detail and I will answer any questions you have if possible. Tarot is about things that might happen or could happen -- no reading can tell you your future carved in stone, and you are in charge of your own destiny, this is just like a way of asking for directions.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Jay Young
Classic Tarot Online

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