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Support our troops -- AND THEIR ANIMAL FRIENDS! Our heroic fighting men and women in Iraq and elsewhere have rescued countless dogs and cats left homeless by the carnage still going on. They want to keep their buddies when they return home to their families. Military regulations actually prohibit troops from adopting animals or using military property to send them stateside. SPCA International takes on the responsibility. Your donations really help!!

I am a private person devoted to explaining the truth about animal welfare in America and around the world. Most people are not aware of the extent to which animals are being tortured and murdered just for human pleasure. Many so-called "animal rights" pages only give you part of the sickening, disgusting story. Children as well as animals are exploited as "things", instead of living creatures with souls and feelings. When we allow this to happen without doing anything to stop it, WE'RE NEXT! So, by helping animals and children, you're helping yourself, and the Earth.

In the future, this page will contain links to sites that tell the whole truth, as well as detailed information about what's going on and what you can do about it.

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The Visionary Activist Show "A constantly evolving experiment in Radio Magic" blending the mythic and sacred with today's news and realities. Modern tricksters save the earth. Storytelling, intuition, ritual and imaginative ingenuity applied to environmental awareness and change.

No Longer A Mind Of Our Own Neuroscience is well on its way to proving that animals have memories, emotions, and psychology more similar to humans than previously supposed. Animal experimenters, slaughterhouses, and others are going to have to accept that they are murdering sentient creatures, not merely automatic biological machines.


FDA Bulletin  ...  FDA Contact Information

PLEASE CONTACT THE FDA if your pet suffered any sudden illness, especially kidney trouble, during November-December 2006 or January-February 2007.

Homemade Pet Food - How and Why


You can help!

Free Bamboo the Elephant If you care about animals pass this along. In Seattle, Washington, Bamboo the elephant has been treated shamefully by the zoo ever since she was a baby -- not enough space to move in, among other things. She reacted by behaving badly, and things have gotten much worse. An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee that takes in and cares for elephants that nobody else will have -- and that gives them happy lives in lots of area to roam in -- is willing to take her, at no charge to the zoo. The zoo says no. Want to write to them and see if you can make an elephant happy? Bear in mind, elephants live to be fifty or sixty years old; does anyone really want to see her in chains for decades? click here and help save America's Wild Horses? These beautiful animals, like the ones featured in the recent film Hidalgo, are being slaughtered every day for NOTHING. More details - click here.

Singer Astrud Gilberto ("The Girl from Ipanema") is interviewed about her work to save animals.

Pope John Paul II Says Animals Have Souls A 1990 article reveals that the Holy Father, in blessing a Monsignor who lets parishioners bring pets to church, said "Animals possess a soul and are as near to God as men are." Have fun reading the spin doctors trying to tell you what he "really" meant.. and God bless the Monsignor!

Animal Legal Defense Fund
American Fondouk dedicated to animal welfare for free to the poor working people of Morocco.

Circus Facts Circuses like Ringling Brothers are the greatest hell on earth for the animals.
CIRCUS TRAGEDY - Salon Magazine Exposes Ringling Bros. Scandals!! A two-part shocker. Read this before you consider taking your family to a Ringling Bros. Circus show.

2010: The Greatest Elephant Abuse Lawsuit On Earth! WHY was it thrown out of court?

2011: The Cruelest Show On Earth Mother Jones report.

Intl. Fund for Animal Welfare
The Fund for Animals Founded by the late Cleveland Amory to rescue abused animals.
Humane Farming Association: Please Boycott Factory Farming!
The Theory and Practice of Hell READ THIS. It will turn your stomach and open your eyes. Presented by the Animal Liberation Front.
Sea Shepherd Help preserve sea life!
United Poultry Concerns
Wild Horses Rounded Up and Sold as Cat Food! Your Tax Dollars At Work!!


Understand the Truth About Animals!

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"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do." - Edward Everett Hale

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