Plurality, spirituality and the media In this rant, Seraph of the Seraphim Collective details the collective's experiences with occult studies and also goes a bit into society's dealings with multiples in general as well as portrayals of plurals in the media.
The Commonality of trans* Experiences in plural systems Deej of Jones Household discusses his theory on why transgender behaviours seem to occur more in plural systems than in singlets.
Plurality and Accountability In this essay Cobalt of the Elements System talks about what happens when multiples don't take responsibility for each other.
The Imagination Trap The imagination trap is a big problem for people who are stuck at the front. In this essay Fireheart explains her take on the imagination trap.
For new members of the Plural Community Jack of the Wayfarers offers his advice to systems new to the plural communities.

Above is a list of our guest articles. At the moment it is a very small list but more articles will be added as we get them. Please check back often to see the new articles. Also bear in mind that these articles do not necessarily reflect our opinions on the matters discussed.